Canada Corporate Filings
Frequenlty Asked Questions

Canada Corporate Filings FAQ's

To make sure that your Canadian corporation continues to benefit from incorporation under provincial and federal business corporations act, you need to fulfill certain requirements with the Corporate Registry Office of your jurisdiction of incorporation. Depending on the type of requirement, you need to file annually or when circumstances change.

Here is a list of the most common Canada Corporate Filings Frequently Asked Questions

Filing an annual return
Regardless of the size of your corporation, you are obligated to file an annual return if your corporation's legal status is "active" (that is, not dissolved, discontinued or amalgamated with another corporation).

Filing a Canada Notice of Change of Registered Address
You must notify the Corporate Registry Office of your jurisdiction of incorporation of any change to your corporation's registered office address (for ex., if the corporation moves) within 15 days following the change. You can also provide an additional address, if there is one.

Filing changes regarding directors
You must notify Corporations Canada of any change in the board of directors within 15 days of the following actions:

new directors are elected, or
individuals cease to be directors.

Changing the number of directors indicated in your articles
If the number of directors changes from the number indicated in your corporation's articles, you must indicate these changes by amending your articles. Articles of incorporation can be modified by filing articles of amendment with the Corporate Registry office of your jurisdiction of incorporation.

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