Canada Articles
of Amendment

Canada Articles of Amendment

To make sure that your Canadian corporation continues to benefit from incorporation under provincial and federal business corporations act, you need to keep your company information and corporate records up-to-date with the corporate registry office of your jurisdiction of incorporation.

A corporation can change its name, share capital and other parts of its legal structure. These changes are made by way of amendment. If your business corporation wishes to apply to change its name or other provisions within its Articles, the corporation must file an Articles of Amendment. Articles of amendment is a document filed to effect and formalize changes in the previously filed articles of incorporation. It is to be noted that, generally a corporation that amends its articles of corporation must provide the following information to the registries office. Some of them are the following:

1. The name of the corporation;
2. The text of each amendment adopted;
3. The date of the adoption of each amendment.

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Please select the jurisdiction where you want to file your articles of amendment:

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